This agreement protects your innovative and confidential ideas and ensures that others will not steal or share your confidential information. This is an essential document that all business owners, small and large, need to utilize to protect their brand!

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nondisclosure AGREEMENT

What provisions can you expect in this Agreement?


solid confidentiality provision

Highlights all the aspects of your business that shall remain confidential


non-compete provision

Restricts the other party from using your confidential information to compete with your brand.



This provision determines how long the contract will be in effect, and how long the information shall remain confidential.


return of confidential information

This provision discussed how will the other party return the brands' confidential information when the contract ends.


breach of confidentiality

Outlines how you will handle a breach of the confidentiality obligations.


choice of law and venue

If things go sour, this provision will outline where the parties should bring a lawsuit.

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have a 
biz coach

Working with a business coach to brainstorm new ideas, or bring the existing ones to a new level. Have that coach sign an NDA to ensure your ideas are protected/

seeking investors

Sharing your business idea, business model and confidential financial information in hopes of receiving investment? This NDA will safeguard you and your brand throughout all of these conversations. 

hiring a team 

If you are bringing a team of individuals into your business and sharing confidential information with them, you must ensure that your information remains confidential!

why you need this contract

clothing  designers


beauty brands

content creators

who this contract is for

“Ashley has been my “legal angel.”
She goes way beyond the call of duty to make sure that my brand is protected.” 

- NICOLE THOMAS Owner & Creative Designer, Rebel Tribe

“Unorthodox legal has saved us so much money and helps us avoid other potential unforeseen problems. It's a pleasure having them on our team!”

- Gabrielle Williams, Editor-in-Chief & Simone Clarke, Managing Director of Mefeater 

“Unorthodox Legal is the key ESSENTIAL to unlocking a world in which clients respect and fairly compensate you for your unique services/products.”

- Alexis Greene, Owner of Alexis Denise Floral Design

“get your business on the right foot and speak with Ashley! she delivers so much insight on the next steps to push your passion forward.”

Melissa Greene, Founder & CEO Lunaluxe Events

“Working with Ashley has been nothing short of a dream! She always kept me up to date on what was happening and what to expect. A true gem!”

- Keekz, Entrepreneur, Content Creator & Social Media Influencer

frequently asked questions

how is the contract delivered?

The document will be delivered digitally for your continuous use.

are there refunds if i purchase the wrong contract?

No. All sales are final.

is the template only for the industries listed above?

Of course not! This template is for anyone who provides a service to clients.

is this contract written by a lawyer?

Absolutely. This contract has been written by a practicing attorney and proof-read by several other attorneys. 

is this contract hard to complete?

Not at all! All you need to do is simply read the instructions, fill in the blanks and send straight to your client. Easy as pie! 


nondisclosure agreement